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Slow & unpaid accounts shatter the financial foundation of small businesses and disrupt lives & future opportunities for everyone involved. Caribou Collections is fleet of foot and user-friendly!


Caribou Collections resuscitates cash flow by quietly, swiftly, collecting unpaid small business accounts, with or without recourse, by communicating with account holders resolving differences, avoiding insolvency, liquidation, contested litigation, removing Credit Bureau deficiencies, and offering debtors a vigorous fresh beginning! 

Caribou sincerely considers the creditors and debtors best interests. Not all creditors or accounts qualify for our top of the line collection services. Fantastic collection services start with fantastic, reasonable creditors and well-documented accounts. 

Upon application, creditors may qualify to have future accounts accepted for collection with our advice and counsel.   

Caribou investigates and evaluates Debtors’ financial circumstances with a discerning eye for truthfulness and accuracy.  

Some creditors don’t warrant Caribou’s intense services and skills.

The Reindeer reminds that incredible results begin with sensible creditors and well-documented debtor accounts.


Life happens – illness, death, job loss. Caribou’s sincerity sets the negotiating tone, the reindeer’s “where there is a will, there’s a way” settlement approach avoids antlers colliding and the ominous duel to death. A soothing voice frequently reduces a catastrophe.

Debtors seek opportunities to settle debts within their financial constraints and are frequently frustrated when payment overtures are countered with astronomical demands.  It is in debtors’ best interests to resolve financial issues and create a clean slate to go forward with life and avoid total liquidation or financial ruin.

Caribou is fair, transparent, and reasonable with debtors to the benefit of all the creditors and debtors we work with. 

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